In my seminars you learn how to use a tensor (single rod), to test foodstuffs for incompatibility and many individual possibilities to set big things in motion with this simple tool.


In basic seminars you will learn how to use a tensor (single rod) by yourself, to test which foodstuffs have a relation to your own body-energy, i.e. which are good for you and which you should reduce or even avoid. On the basis of this test your provisions become foodstuffs. You test how much energy is contained in the foodstuffs in front of you.


In the preliminary seminars I practise with you questions and answers on foodstuff-compatibility, which can be a guide to you to healthy feeding. You will also learn how to harmonize and energize your body energy and your chakras as well as the dissolution and the drainage of an energy-blockade.


In a small group of three  to a maximum of six participants you will experience, in a relaxed atmosphere, how invisible energy can be made visible by means of a tensor (single rod). You will make contact with your fineness energies and in this way support your self-healing powers.


In my seminars I will advise you how to take responsibility yourself for your own health!