I bid you a hearty welcome to my website!

Your health is affected by many factors. Many different types of irritants, such as: electro-smog, global-lattice-grids, crude foodstuffs, your own psyche especially, and also a multitude of negative thoughts affect your immune system and are apt to weaken it.


My increasing interest in finding out more about the causes and the background of impaired health determined the way of my manifold training activities in both traditional and alternative medicine.


Why do different people react so differently to different stimulants, different environments and stress situations? In search of a satisfactory answer to these questions I embarked on a two-year course of orthopaedic training, where predominantly traditional medicine was taught. This was followed by a training course to become a psychological consultant.


I rounded off this training period with further seminars on Homeopathy and Bach-Flower-Remedies, radiation aesthesia and geo-biology to qualify as a certificated dowser.


My extensive knowledge and experience I should be pleased to pass on to you as your health advisor.


In my individual advisory sessions I shall be pleased to help you find individual solutions to your problems.


In my radiation detection-seminaries I endeavour to help you to help yourself by working with energy, by means of a tensor, as for example in checking out foodstuffs, cosmetics, dyestuffs, medicines, cleaning agents, as well as energizing foodstuffs, activating your own immune system, etc.


It is my endeavour to show you the way to gain access to your own energy base, which is decisive for your well-being.